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Our Approach

RPI has focused on working with people like yourself during a job transition, and often through the services offered by an outplacement firm, for over 20 years. RPI's founder, David L. Blaydes, has a Master’s in Financial Planning. Therefore, RPI planners focus on and value an educational approach to the planning process.

RPI is an independent planning firm who is not affiliated with any proprietary investments or products. The process begins with an assessment of your financial goals. Based on your personal situation, recommendations are explained and options are offered. The ultimate decision on how to implement necessary changes to your plan and portfolio are completely your decision. We will help:

  • Identify and guide you through your immediate changes
  • Minimize unnecessary taxes and penalties
  • Determine your financial salary requirements based on your needs
  • Provide direction on your short-term and long-term planning
  • Educate, plan and reassure to help you survive this transition both financially and emotionally
RPI prefers to utilize an institutionally priced investment model which has a $100,000 minimum. Therefore, financial plans and investment comparable analysis are limited to those that meet that minimum.